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Spoiler Alert

Below are some snippets from other chapters.  However some of these snippets may contain spoilers.

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*** From Chapter 11 ***
Turk just looks in horrid amazement as a huge chunk of ice suddenly shoots straight up into the air, being pushed up by a geyser of water.  This is followed by the torpedo probe that is shot up out of the hole like a missile. The spinning chunk of ice starts to come down right towards Turk. He runs as best as he can in his bio-suit and then dives head first as the huge flying iceberg smashes to the surface, shattering into a billion pieces. 

The rover is pummeled with ice shrapnel toppling it over and pushing it another 5 meters in a spinning motion.  Turk can feel chunks of ice bashing his bio-suit for an eternity it seems." 

*** From Chapter 12 ***
“I love you - too,” Juliana says in a half exhausted whisper; dangling like a rag doll.  This gives Turk some added strength to pull up. She isn’t that heavy, especially with the low gravity; it is just that he doesn’t have ample leverage.  He starts to pull her up with all his might, then POP, the seal on his glove breaks and starts to slip off.  Instantly it feels as if a thousand pins are poking into his wrist as the thin frigid Europa air touches his bare skin.  He winces in agony as he still tries to hold on and pull up; desperately maneuvering his legs to try to get more leverage.  “Patrick!  Oh God…”  he hears Juliana shriek.

*** From Chapter 14 ***
Hicks is hanging onto the bar for dear life sliding on his back creating a wake in the water.  He is thinking 15Kph seems much faster being dragged on the ground than it does in the rover’s seat.  He is unable to see anything now due to his visor being plastered by slush and water from the tires. That is perhaps a good thing as the rolling pile of ice chunks is closing in on them. The hissing sound is also twice as loud now, ever since Fedoseev ran him over; and now he can feel the absence of pressure on his ears as you do when ascending in an air-transport.   

*** From Chapter 17 ***
For Doctor Fedoseev it was like a never ending nightmare as he suddenly realized the dazzling sunlight dancing up ahead of him was rushing water. Only now it does seemed like the nightmare is about to come to a quick end; but not very pleasantly.  It was as if someone had opened a floodgate releasing thousands - no - millions or maybe billions of liters of water. It all seems to be in slow motion for him now as he desperately turns the rover sharply up the ravine’s bank on his right, but to no avail.  It doesn’t have enough battery power to climb even three meters before it peters to a stop with a red battery indicator flashing on a control panel.  He desperately fumbles with the seat harness for a few seconds to unfasten it and then climbs across the passenger seat and leaps off the rover onto the steep bank, sinking the cleats of his boots into the icy surface.  
He looks to his left and sees the rushing water, which strangely resembles a huge glistening lion, charging towards him.  The splashes of water off the banks look like giant legs and paws running at full tilt, and in the center a huge head suddenly appears and then explodes, only to reappear over and over again.  Fedoseev digs his gloved fingers into the ice and grabs onto any extruding piece of ice he can find while digging his cleats in as best as he can to avoid slipping back down.  He is only about two meters from the top now, but the rushing water is nearly upon him. 




“Screw the countdown, we’re going now, hang on!” Hicks yells as he hits a launch button that overrides the countdown.  Instantly the rockets blast out hot flames to the wet surface below but they are not moving.  The landing legs are frozen to the ice underneath.  Hicks’ heart jumps and he can feel it thumping as he knows they should be airborne by now. He increases to full power and Eagle-2 starts to shake violently.  He knows this isn’t safe while grounded as the blast-back from the engines could ignite the fuel tanks; plus it is expending a large amount of precious fuel needed to get them into orbit.  Suddenly the avalanche of ice chucks reaches the bottom and starts smashing into Eagle-2.