Europa Facts Pg2

More cool stuff about Europa on YouTube

Europa - Under the Ice

A well done school biology project by Zoe Zeszut

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (Aliens / Life on Europa) - Sort Video
Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (Aliens / Life on Europa) - Longer Version

Short YouTube videos about the possibilities of life on Europa envisioned by Stephen Hawking

Europa "Life" by Jeff De Puy 

Fantastic voyage to Europa by an expeditionary space probe

YouTube videos about Hydrothermal Vents, undersea Volcanoes, Microbes, Black Smoker Chimneys, and other stuff used for research for this book. 

"One of the strangest ecosystems on earth lies deep under the ocean"

Life on Europa 2011
Chemosynthesis Chemo synthesis Chemo-synthesis Photosynthesis Biosynthesis
Hydrothermal Vents Hydro thermal Vents Hydro-thermal Vents Hydrothermal Vents
Microbes, sodium sulfide flakes, white flakes of sodium sulfide
Tube Worms, Anglerfish, Angler fish, Angler-fish, Glowfish, Glow fish, Glow-fish, Yeti crab, Yeticrab, shrimp, snail, underwater mountain, Europian, mermaid, black smoker chimney, white smoker chimney, bioluminescent, bio luminescent, bio-luminescent, luminescent, luminescence, astrobiology (extraterrestrial life), asteroids and comets, astrology, octopus, mosasaur, bioluminescent appendage, bio-luminescent appendage, Jelly fish.  
aquatic and macrobiotic life forms