Cast of Characters

Commander Jason Hicks
Mission Commander / EVA Team 1
Cmdr. Hicks is an imposing man with his deep voice and solid six foot two frame. He almost wasn't allowed in the space program because of his height but allegedly crouched down just enough to be measured at six-one.  He is 44 and in great shape. He is normally very serious and meticulous about details, a no-nonsense kind of a guy.  When he talks, people listen.  He will be first person to set foot on Europa and the first person to set foot on a moon orbiting a planet besides Earth.  He was a member of the first manned Mars mission but he remained in orbit in the command module.  He is very honored to be on this mission and pays no heed to the supposed "curse".

Dr. Juliana Evans, PhD
Mission Specialist / EVA Team 2
Thirty Four year old Dr. Evans is a scientist; she is on this mission due to her expertise and experience with aquatic and macrobiotic life forms which is what she hopes to find on Europa.  She was formerly married and has two children. She immerses herself in her work and has not been looking to find love again; however she may have found it on this mission.  Will she find alien life on Europa?  Will she find love?  Will she return home?

Lt. Commander Patrick Turkovitch (Turk)
Pilot / EVA Team 2
At 29 years old, Lt. Cmdr Turkovitch is young to be second in command of a mission like this.  He is actually the youngest member on board. He is still a boy at heart, sometimes a goofball, sometimes oblivious, normally a daredevil, but always charming. He tries to find humor in all situations even though that doesn’t always work so well as an astronaut.  But he is also extremely smart, has a memory like an elephant, is very physically fit, and is quick on his feet; which does work out very well for an astronaut.  He also went to Mars two years ago and walked the surface; this helps with the ladies but he has never been in love.  However something has clicked between him and Dr. Evans.

Dr. Kirill Fedoseev, PhD
Mission Specialist
Dr. Fedoseev is from partner country Russia.  He is an expert on deep sea Hydrothermal Vents which is what they hope to find in the underwater oceans of Europa.  He is 46 years old and almost pee’d his pants when he learned he was accepted for this mission.   He is the ultimate geek and loves it.  He is an expert of many subjects and has always been enamored with Europa.  Deep in the back of his mind he will admit that he is a little superstitious and the 'curse' has him worried a little.

Lt Erick Glover
Pilot / Eagle-2 Base, Control Officer
Lt. Glover is 33 years old and this is his first deep space mission.  The farthest out in space he had been before is the Cygnus Space Station in high orbit around Earth.  So he is very excited to be on this mission.  He will go down to the surface of Europa with the EVA teams and run operations from the lunar module base.  While he won’t get a chance to set foot on the moon he is nonetheless geeked.  His young fiancĂ©e didn’t want him to go because of the supposed curse.  He told her that is just a bunch of hog wash and the failures of the past were just a string of bad luck.  Unfortunately that didn't diminish her worries; or his either.

Lt. Mark Tucker
Pilot / Engineer / White-Bull-2 Command Module Officer 
For 31 year old Lt. Tucker this will be his second visit to a moon.  He spent six months working on the construction of Tranquility Moon Base on Earth's Moon back in 2050, and will now visit Europa.  He will however remain in orbit in charge of Command Module operations.  He is a technical whiz which is critical in the event of any malfunctions during their trip; which, his friends joke, will be important on any trip to the cursed moon of Europa!

Dr. Jeff Swygart, PhD
Mission Specialist / White-Bull-2 Command Module Crew
This mission is a dream come true for 51 year old Dr. Swygart; this mission is his first trip into space.  His specialty of Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Digital 3D Mapping will come in handy as they orbit Europa for 15 days, allowing him plenty of time to compile a complete high resolution 3D model of Europa.  He will remain in the Command Module performing his duties.  He is the associate director of the Planetary Geologic Mapping department of the GSO.  

Dr. Shin-mu Huang, PhD
Mission Specialist / White-Bull-2 Command Module Crew
Forty three year old Dr. Huang (pronounced Wang) is no stranger to space.  She was a crew member of the third Mars mission (remaining in orbit), spent one year on Tranquility Moon Base, and spent the last 18 months on the Cygnus space station.  She is a lead scientist and principal investigator in the Space Experimentation Agency.  She has conducted over 4,000 experiments in space.  While she won't actually go down to Europa, she is in charge of all of the monitoring equipment and experimentation kits.