About the Book

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This book is a relatively short novel (about 200 pages) about a mission to Europa.  It is what I like to call “realistic science fiction”.  What I mean by that is I worked very hard to make the science plausible.  Now to make it an interesting adventure I had to take creative license from time-to-time but I tried to keep it from being too far-fetched.  The book goes into some detail about the space ships and artificial gravity without getting too heavy; in-case you are not that into these kinds of details.  I loved the detail (and realism) in 2001 a Space Odyssey and used that as my yard-stick but kept it a little lighter. 

If you like your science fiction more on the science and less on the fiction then I think you will enjoy this story.  It has happy moments, intense moments, romantic moments, and sad moments.  In the end I just hope it was entertaining. 

I also found so much awesome sci-fi art out there I knew I just had to include some of it in my book, bucking the trend of not having illustrations in a book aimed for adults.  I hope you enjoy that as well.  

This story actually started out as a prologue to another novel I am working on, but the more I researched Europa and envisioned the mission the longer the story became.  It eventually became way to long for a prologue and so I decided to develop it into its own full fledged story.  If you do like this story, and the characters, you can follow some of them on their next mission five years down the road, in the year 2061.  If that year doesn't ring any bells for you, it is the next time that Halley’s Comet will visit our neck of the woods.    I hope to have this novel finished by the end of 2013

Brian P. Kayser

ISBN: 9781480252776