We'll always have Europa

"How many guys can say they've taken their girl for a walk on a moon? Nobody! Forget Paris, we’ll always have Europa!”

Turkovitch and Evans have developed a good friendship the last few months of working together; actually they have become a little more than ‘friends’ the past three weeks or so. He thinks it is kind of a strange friendship (or relationship, if he would admit to that) as he has found himself talking with her about almost anything. Stuff he wouldn't normally discuss with his guy friends and never any of the girlfriends he has had in the past, although he’s never had a girlfriend for much more than a month. It seems Juliana makes him feel comfortable discussing any topic or even sharing his most secret dreams and desires with her without a fear of judgment or mockery. She will even listen to him rant about the latest comics and how they don’t compare to the classic comics of the 20th century.